Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Success Story - Dave

Dave came to Axhayes last January as a stray. He was such a wonderful friendly chap and a real character! He was adopted in March last year and we have received a lovely email from his owners a year on….


“I can't believe it's a year since we adopted Dave. He's settled in really well. He's a very sociable, and at times, quite a humorous chap. We saw him the other day bunny jumping in the air whilst the dogs were chasing one another round the garden. I think he was quite excited and probably would have liked to join in if he was a little bigger.

He's just had his annual MOT which he passed with flying colours and the vet said he was a 'very lucky boy'. I said that I told him that every day although really I think we're the lucky ones! I've attached a couple of photos - one of Dave 'helping' in the garden yesterday, and the other of him with his buddy after a busy night. (Excuse the unmade bed. They didn't give me time to make it!)”

We would like to thank Dave's owners for the update and we're so pleased he is settled and very happy in his new home.

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