Monday, 24 February 2014

Success Story - Tufty and Tigger

You may remember two of our oldies Tufty and her sister Tigger who came into Axhayes almost a year ago. They spent a few months at the centre before finding their perfect home in July 2013. Their owner has been in contact with us, we thought we’d update you on how they are getting on six months later…

Tigger now renamed Shuka and Tufty renamed Malaika have both settled in well and are being spoilt rotten. Shuka is a funny little thing and does strange odd things at times like break into my neighbours catflap and sleep in her wardrobe! She talks ALOT! Her owner says that she has never come across such a vocal cat in her life.

Malaika is so sweet, she loves the warmth and lives by the fire at the moment. She was quite ill a few weeks ago with her renal problem and had to go into hospital, but thankfully she's ok at the moment. She loves her other neighbour and if her owner is working away for the day, she pops upstairs for a cuddle there! 
She says she is very lucky that her neighbours think they are incredibly entertaining cats and adore them. They are being absolutely ruined with love and attention.
We would like to thank their owner for the lovely emails and photos over the past few months. We are pleased these two lovely ladies are very happy and loved in their new home.

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