Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sheldon's story

Chilling on the sofa

Dear rescuers

I wanted to write and let you know how I am settling into my new home.  When my new guardians took me there I was very traumatized and scared. I was not motivated with food or anything.  They were very patient with me, left me alone to eat and did not pester me. They gave me a lovely soft igloo bed in an open cupboard where I felt safe.  They kept coming over and stroking me, bought me a brush and cat wet wipes to clean me as I just didn’t feel up to cleaning myself and I was a bit of a state after being in Birmingham for so long.

A week later and I was happy to sit on Erin’s bed and be stroked but liked to stay in my bed while they did this.  I never hissed at them as I knew they were kind but I was still very scared.

Feeling safe in my bed

By week two, I had progressed to coming out of my bed for Erin when she fed me and was purring.  There were quite a few other family members that came in and out of the house but they were all kind and patient with me. I didn’t like to move much but was becoming more confident every day.

Three weeks later and my guardian Erin has just had her birthday and her mum bought her a cat tree for me !!! I am now happy to be downstairs in the lounge during the day.  They have put my tree by the French doors so I can look outside when they are not home.  I am still not keen to be picked up and do not move around much but the hammock on the first floor of the cat tree is my favourite place where I now clean myself for hours. 

This cat tree is cosy
Great view of the garden from here

I also found myself playing with the fishing rod toy yesterday that they were tempting me to chase.  My favourite food is chicken flavour and they give me cat milk so I can put on a bit of weight.  I am still very skinny but I am now very motivated by food.

Relaxing after playing

It has taken Erin three weeks to decide on a new name for me and she has finally decided on NACHO although her grandmother keeps getting confused and calls me Dorito!  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me from the streets and bringing me down to Devon as I have given one young lady so much joy and she loves me as much as I will love her in return.

Much love Nacho (Sheldon) XXXXxxx

Sweet dreams 

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