Sunday, 28 January 2018

Success Story - Jean

Jean came into our centre back in May 2017. She had spent life outdoors, but she saw that life with humans was something she wanted. She had spent many months with us, due to being quite shy in her pen and staying under her hide. Many cats around were more confident cats in our homing corridor were up at the pen doors meowing or jump out of their beds to greet passers-by. Jean was a sweet cat once she got to know you and earned her trust. She just needed that special someone to give her a chance and help her settle into her new home.  

Jean at Axhayes Adoption Centre in May 2017
 A day in September turned out to be Jean’s lucky day. One of our visitors to our centre saw her and wanted to give her a chance. We are hoping her story will inspire anybody who wants to give a shy/timid cat a forever home. Her owner has been keeping us updated regularly with Jean’s (now renamed Luna) progress. Her owner has spent us a wonderful email, we would like to share with you….

She said “I adopted Luna back in September 2017. It has been a long but rewarding journey getting to know her and getting her to feel safe and confident in her new home. It is only in the last week that she has ventured downstairs with people about four and a half months after her arrival. She spent the first month hiding away. I put her food close so she could easily access it and talked to her regularly for short periods."

"She eventually came out and sat on the windowsill. I could see that she desperately wanted to be petted but was just too nervous. The first time she let me stroke her was about six weeks after she had been here. I bought lots of toys to try and draw her out to no avail. In desperation I tried a scrunched up post it note and it worked! She loved it! It was amazing to see her playing for the first time.

This last week has been amazing, she has come down and jumped on the couch, come into the kitchen and followed me down in the morning for her breakfast. She is now also jumping up on the bed and sleeps beside me. We still have a ways to go, but each new step forward is another step to getting this lovely little lady to be the happy cat she deserves to be.
With some cats you never know what has happened to them in the past or what trauma has befallen them. They just need a bit of extra time, love and patience. Please don’t overlook the shy, timid or nervous ones. They too can be wonderful pets and companions. Thank you.”
Luna (was Jean) ventured downstairs

We would like to say thank you to Jean (now Luna’s) owner for sharing your story with us and giving Jean a chance. We have loved receiving her regular updates on Luna’s progress during the past few months. If you've adopted any of our cats or kittens from Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre or Taunton Homing & Info Centre, tell us how they are settling in to their new homes or how they are doing. Share your photos on our Facebook @cpexeteraxhayes, Twitter and Instagram. You can email us at, we love to see how our ex-CP cats are getting on, thank you.

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