Monday, 13 November 2017

It's Mature Moggies Week!

Kittens may be cute, but older cats still have a lot of love and purrs to give those looking for the purrfect feline companion.

Sadly, mature moggies aged 11 and older in Cats Protection’s care take over twice as long to find their forever home as their younger counterparts. These senior kitizens take an average of 33 days to be adopted, while kittens are typically adopted in just eight days.

To raise awareness of older cats still looking for homes, Cats Protection is hosting Mature Moggies Week from 13-17 November. Across five days we will be highlighting the benefits of adopting an older puss and providing helpful cat care information for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning, a feline friend.

In a survey conducted by Cats Protection, just 24% of people said that they’d consider adopting an older cat, compared to 68% who would be happy to home a kitten. Reasons people gave for not wanting to adopt an older cat included; the fear that it wouldn’t live long, concerns over health, worries about the cost to nurse an old cat back to health and the belief that an older puss would not be playful.

However, as many owners of older cats will know, mature moggies can make the best pets. When asked about the benefits of owning a senior kitizen, the top reasons owners gave included; they are calmer, they don’t want to leave the house as much and they feel like they are more of a family member.

Check out some of lovely Senior Kitizens currently available for adoption at our Exeter Axhayes Adoption centre.....

Sabrina is 15 years old - Sabrina is a lovely older lady looking for a new home after her owners were moving abroad. Sabrina has been described as an affectionate cat who has a big soft spot for older people. She is used to a quiet home as she doesn't get on well with other cats but is okay with older children. Sabrina would love to get back to homely comforts soon where she can get back to sleeping on the sofa and lounging out in the garden. Sabrina's hunting days are now over so would love a purrfect retirement home!  


Black Cat and Luka are 12 and 11 years old. Black Cat and Luka find themselves here after the loss of their beloved owner. Black Cat and Luka are an affectionate pair, that are partial to a lap and certainly don’t mind a fuss. Black cat and Luka have had access to a garden and don’t tend to wander off too far and would like to find a home with opportunity to go outside in a safe garden. They don’t like canine company as they find it quite stressful and scary and so would like a home where there are no dogs. As Black Cat and Luka like a quiet, chilled environment and haven’t been around children a home with older children could be considered. If you are looking for a lovely pair of cats to complete your home, this could be the pair for you! Please ask to meet them today.
Black Cat and Luka


Camille is 15 years old. She has been on quite the journey during her many years. After first leaving Axhayes in 2008 she was found moving into a neighbour’s house as she didn't get on with other cats in her household. It was attempted to reintegrate her many times but with no avail. Her new owners took her on but unfortunately can now no longer keep her. 15 is a terrible age for a cat to be in care so please do ask to meet her and take her home with you soon! Camille has been known to be a very affectionate cat who loves a lap to sleep on, she doesn't venture too far and her hunting days are over.

Coco and Misty are both 11 years old. Coco and her sister Misty find themselves here after their owners moved house after they broke up. They are hoping to find a loving home together. Misty is the outgoing, she loves all people and a lap to curl up on. Coco is a bit shy at begin with, she loves a cuddle and a lap to sit on too. They are great with children of all ages, so they can fit in a family well. They would like access to a garden so they go out exploring and hunting. These two lovely ladies will make a lovely addition to your family, please take them home.
Coco and Misty
Reggie is 11 years old. This handsome boy has found himself here after not being happy in his last home. Reggie is a big softie just looking for a quiet retirement home with no other cats to bother him. Reggie is also a bit of a grump when it comes to noisy children so a house with adult companions would be best. With some encouragement to build back his confidence Reggie would sure make a perfect pet.

If you’re the proud owner of a senior kitizen, show the world just how amazing they are by leaving a comment below or sharing your photos and stories using #MatureMoggies on our Facebook @cpexeteraxhayes, Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to adopt one of our senior kitizens please contact our adoption centre via Thank you.

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