Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Conker's story

Poor little Conker was found all lost and alone back in October. He was rummaging through bins desperate to find his next meal. Luckily a kind cat-loving man found him and contacted us. Our Deputy Manager Phil collected him on the way to work, his wife decided to name him Conker. 1) Its Autumn and 2) On the news that particular day, the word “Conker” was going to be taken out of the Oxford's Children's Dictionary, because children don't use that word anymore. Little Conker was looking a little sorry for himself; he had a weepy eye due to cat flu and was very dehydrated. He needed lots of small meals to help build up his strength and re-hydration fluid to get him hydrated once again. He had medication to treat his eyes and sniffles.

Conker on his first day at the centre

After a couple of weeks of intense care and love he is now the sprightliest affectionate kitten. He still has a weepy eye from time to time, it doesn’t worry him. He could still live with other cats but they will need their vaccinations up to date. Conker is a brilliant bundle of fun who will make an excellent pet for any family! We have little history for Conker but due to his young age he is likely to be sociable with other animals and children with gentle introductions. Just over a month later, he has moved to our rehoming corridor, looking forward to meeting any potential adopters or volunteers.
Conker now looking much better!
Just chillin'
Conker is now available for adoption to our Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre and you live in the Devon, UK area, why not come in and meet him or give us a call on 01395 232377, thank you. For more information about us please visit our website at You can follow us on our Facebook @cpexeteraxhayes, Twitter and Instagram.

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