Friday, 30 December 2016

Success Story - Smokey and The Colonel

We thought we’d end the year with a lovely success story – back in the summer we had two loveable cats Smokey and the Colonel. Smokey was very outgoing whereas Colonel was quite a shy boy. His new owners have been in touch us and were happy to let us share their story. Smokey is now renamed Humphrey and Colonel is now called Hugo – we love the new names. We would like to thank them for their lovely email and photos. Here is what they had to say….

“Thank you so much for your email and for your help in finding us our now beloved cats.

When we came to Exeter Axhayes back in July we knew that we wanted to adopt two cats and when we came inside we absolutely fell in love with Smokey and The Colonel, who are now known as Humphrey and Hugo. I have attached some photographs of them for you to see.

They have both settled in very well to their new environment and are now completely ruling the roost in the way that only cats can! Humphrey, the confident one, settled in immediately and is a real character. He is always quick to let us know when he is hungry.... whatever time of the day or night! The problem that he had with his weepy eye is, unfortunately, ongoing but a great deal better than it was and not really causing him any discomfort. He is under the supervision of our local vet who feels it may possibly have been stress related and will continue to improve, the more he settles in to his new home. Hugo came to us as an extremely nervous cat and hid himself away from us for the first few days. After lots and lots of love and patience, though, he has really come out of his shell. He has gained lots of confidence and is now a different cat! He loves lots of attention and cuddles and enjoys relaxing in the sunshine. He does still become a little apprehensive when new people come into the house but has a safe place where he goes until he feels happy to join us again.

Both of our boys have brought us so much joy and we now can't imagine our life without them! We are so pleased to have been able to offer them a place in our home but we couldn't have done that without the wonderful work of the Cats Protection. So on behalf of Humphrey and Hugo and all of the other cats who you help ... thank you!”

We would like to thank their new owners again for getting in touch with us – we always love to hear how our ex-Axhayes cats are settling in to your homes  or maybe you’ve adopted any of our kittens which are now fully grown and enjoying life. You can share these on our Facebook page or you can email them to us at Thank you.

Christmas Day - Santa Paws Appeal 2016

We thought we’d share a few photos taken by our CCA Jackie on Christmas Day. On 1st December we launched our Santa Paws Appeal – again you’ve all been brilliant making up some lovely gift boxes for our cats, we cannot thank you enough. We received just over 120 presents for our cats and a some for our staff who work here, which were opened on Christmas morning. We would also like to thank our online shoppers who had donated gifts via our Amazon wishlist. We would like to thank Beryl for donating Christmas turkeys for our cat’s dinner and Jane at the Lamb Inn for cooking them. Finally we would like to thank our volunteers who came out to help us during the Christmas holidays!


Our hand-rear kittens with their present via Amazon wishlist
Napoleon recovering well after his operation
We hope you had a good Christmas and a have Happy New Year!   

Monday, 12 December 2016


On the 14th October we launched a JUST GIVING appeal for 10 week old Napoleon.

This is how the story unfolded...

Napoleon is a 10 week old ginger male kitten who came into our care when he was found in a very traumatic & distressed state on a country road having believed to be in a RTA.  He was rushed to our vets and given IV fluids via a drip to rehydrate him.  Initial examination identified abrasions to his face & side and he was also badly limping on his back leg.  After several days in our care, Napoleon’s condition had improved sufficiently for our vet to take x-rays of his back leg as he was still very lame.  The results showed he had severe damage & had fractured his femoral neck which will require extensive surgery to correct, at a reduced cost to us of approx £500.

We started a Just Giving page to help pay for his treatment with any surplus donations going towards treating the other cats and kittens in our care at Axhayes. We shared it on our website and Facebook page.

Amazingly in just 24 hours we hit our target and the money just kept on coming.

This was our facebook update at 9am on 15th October :

FANTASTIC NEWS - We have smashed our target within 24hrs! Napoleon would love to thank all those generous supporters who have kindly donated towards the cost of his operation. We will keep you updated on his progress, he cannot have his operation for a few weeks until he has grown a little more, he still only weighs under 1kg! In the meantime we will continue to love & care for him and provide him with the necessary pain relief. Many thanks again from Napoleon & everyone here at Axhayes.

Well, 8 weeks later Napoleon now weighs 2kg, the weight he needed to be before the vets could do his operation. 

His surgery is booked for this Friday 16 December and we are all excited for him.  

He is a very special kitten that deserves a purrfect future. 

We will keep you updated on his recovery and when he will be available for adoption.