Thursday, 31 March 2016

Oldie Success Story - Molly and Marmite

Back in October 2015, a gorgeous little cat called Molly came into our care. Her previous owner had gone into hospital and unfortunately there wasn’t anyone able to care for her. At 14 years old, she was one of the oldest cats in our care at the time; she was just as active and playful as a cat half her age. She loved to play with her toy mice and enjoyed sitting on our CCAs laps.

Molly in her new home

She spent a few months in our care which included spending Christmas and New Year with us, and then finally in the middle of January she found her perfect home. We have heard from her new owners via email. They’ve said “Molly is enjoying life to the full in her forever home. She likes to chill out quite a lot, but she really enjoys cuddles and she is happy to be cuddled. She gets to sleep on the bed at night. Molly's new feline friend isn't too keen on her being her new housemate - but Molly isn't too worried." We're very pleased at Molly's age she has managed to find a loving home and has settled in really well.

Marmite looking relaxed in her new home

In January of this year a sweet cat called Marmite came into our care. Like many of our cats we get in the centre had to move out due to the landlord not allowing pets. Marmite was a very affectionate girl who loved a fuss and being groomed by our CCAs. She only spent a couple of months in our care before finding a new loving home in March. Her owners have also been in contact via email too, they said “Marmite has been with us now for less than a fortnight and we just wanted to let you know that she has settled in really well. She is a sweetheart and has made herself quite at home as you can see from the attached photos”

We would like to say a special thank you to Molly and Marmite’s new owners for getting in contact with us and sharing your lovely photos with us. We’re hoping these success stories will help promote adopting an older cat, Marmite is 10 years old and Molly is 14 years old.

Here’s some of the benefits of adopting an older cat….
What you see is what you get!
Older cats have already developed their personality so there will be no surprise personality traits in the future to deal with.

Older cats are much less destructive!
Kittens and younger cats are more likely to run round your house, knocking things over, chewing things up and scratching your furniture; they are also more likely to have toilet mishaps for you to clean up! Older cats have got over the excitement of youth and are much happier to sit and enjoy your company and a good fuss.

Older cats have more common sense!
Kittens are much more likely to get into trouble, ingest toxic substances, to fall from window ledges and to wander off and get lost. Older cats have learned the lessons of youth and are a better choice for busy families who don’t want the hassle of supervising a young cat for long hours. Older cats are also likely to be much more used to younger children and will be less likely to get injured by them as they will know when it’s time to run and get out of the way!

Cats are living longer!
With advances in veterinary care and more protective and informed owners cats can expect to live way into their teens quite happily, so taking on an older cat doesn’t mean you will have to say your goodbyes too soon; you could have many, many happy years of love and fuss ahead for both of you!
If you are interested in adopting one of our adorable oldies, please visit our website Thank you.

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