Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Enrichment toys

All of our cats on rehoming have had a busy afternoon on Friday playing with our puzzle feeders. Cats especially feral cats can spend eight hours hunting each day. In contrast, cats in care often get their food in a bowl and often spend very little time and energy engaged in getting their food. Being penned up for many weeks, it is important our CCAs to break up our cats day with social interaction, playing with a variety of toys and giving them puzzle feeders.

Selection of Puzzle feeders


Marley and Angel

We give our cats at the centre a variety of different puzzle feeders (enrichment feeders) to help lessen the unnatural boredom that can result from cats eating food from bowls and provides some exercise and mental stimulation. Thanks to our buyers from our Amazon wishlist, we have received a wide variety of different puzzle feeders so each of our cats can have a different type of feeder each day.  

It can be great fun to think up different ways to provide cats with stimulation and to watch them using their minds to work out puzzles. Happier and more stimulated cats are also likely to be easier to home.

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