Saturday, 14 November 2015

Amy-special appeal

Amy is a 3 year old female dark tortoiseshell cat that was left on our doorstep of the centre back in April this year. She is very gentle and affectionate and would be more suited to a quiet home where she can become settled in her own time.

As we have no information of her previous experiences, we do not know if she has lived with other cats or dogs, but we feel she could be rehomed with older children.

Do you like to pull the duvet up over your head and snuggle down for some peace and quiet? Well, if you come and visit Amy, you will find a cat shaped lump under her bedding!

Now you see me...
Cats naturally like to hide, to help them de-stress and some like Amy even like to hide their food. In the wild, cats do this to discourage predators.  
Now you don't!

It is important to provide your cat with a place to hide which will help to make them feel safe and secure. There are many things that can cause a cat to feel anxious or fearful, such as fireworks, building work in the house, unfamiliar visitors or conflict with other cats. A hiding place can be something as simple as a cardboard box on its side, an igloo style cat bed, a space under the bed, or in a wardrobe with the door left ajar. The cat shouldn’t be disturbed while they are in their hiding place.

She enjoys a biscuit diet rather than cat food but is a little 'rounder' than she should be due to a lack of exercise and time spent in a pen.

Amy spending time in our exercise area

Do you have a cosy place in your home that she could fit in? Please help us to find Amy a home for Christmas.

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