Thursday, 22 October 2015

National Black Cat Day 2015!

On Tuesday 27th October Cats Protection centres all over the UK will be celebrating National Black Cat Day!!! Our CCA Diane, Sue and Deputy Manager Becky have created a special “theatre style” black cat board in our centre to show off all of our black cats and kittens!   
Did you know that, on average, it takes a monochrome moggy 13 per cent longer to find their new home than a more colourful cat? That’s one week longer in care, simply because of the colour of their fur! We’re bigging-up black cats with this year’s National Black Cat Day – let’s show the world what amazing pets black (and black-and-white) cats are and help find them homes faster!

Here are some of our wonderful black and black & white cats available for adoption….  
Maria - 1 year old female black cat
Our Maria is a sweet but shy young lady she is lovely once she gets to know you but can be hesitant at first. She is very playful and would love someone to adopt her who has time and patience to help her regain her trust in humanity!!!
 Penny - 5 year old female black cat
 Penny is a lovely affectionate black cat who deserves a second chance of happiness with an owner who appreciates her. Stroke her and she purrs, feed her and she purrs in fact she is a purrrfect pet cat. Penny came to us when her owner could not cope with having a pet in her home. This young girl needs a quiet home with a safe garden to call hers. Can you love this black fur ball of affection and let her call your home hers too?

 Poppy - 1 year old female black cat

Poppy is wonderfully friendly little lady who turned up at a farm with her brood of kittens. Seeing how friendly they all were they were brought here to find their first real homes. Poppy is very affectionate and we are sure she will adjust to most family situations. She would love a safe garden to explore too!!

Max - 5 year old male black cat

Max came into us when his owner could no longer take care of him. He also came in with his brother Nelson so has been well socialised with other cats. Max is a bit scared of people at present but loves a treat and will accept a scratch on the head. If you have the time and patience to spend on nurturing a lovely cat like Max who would be much happier out of his pen then please ask the staff for more information on how to help!
Tee - 1 year old female black and white cat

As my name suggests I was playing a game of golf with my kitten in tow when all of a sudden I was brought here. In all fairness it was getting boring, it was ruining a good walk. I am now in search of a home where I will be treated with understanding and kindness. In time I am sure I will be a great family pet. Please give me a chance.
Rosie - 2 year old female black and white cat
This dear cat had to share a small flat with lots of other cats, so has never had the time just spent with her. She is in search of a loving home after owner could no longer care for her. If you can offer her the time and patience she so deserves then we are sure you will be rewarded with the best pet ever.
If you can offer any of our wonderful cats a loving forever home, we would like to hear from you!!! Please visit our website for more information about our adoption process, thank you!

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