Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Success story-Echo


Echo was as small as a teddy

Echo was born at the centre on 11 Aug 14 in a busy week when we had 19 kittens born. Echo had 4 siblings but was much smaller than them but had the loudest voice.  When her mum arrived here, she was heavily pregnant but also brought her most recent kittens with her who were a few months old.

Mum decided that she no longer wanted to look after Echo and her siblings when they were a couple of weeks old, so the staff had to take over all of the motherly duties.

We had a bout of cat flu and unfortunately, she became poorly and she had to spend time in the vet hospital.

After returning to the centre and having lots of TLC, Di (cat care assistant) took her home to foster with her brother Elephant. She continued to need medications for cat flu, and help with getting her to eat.

Echo & Elephant being fostered in October

When we first starting weighing her, she weighed 0.31kg and slowly and steadily she gained weight. At the end of November, she finally weighed 1.05kg.

Echo in November

Elephant in November


Echo was still being fostered by myself (Di) before Christmas and was keen to get involved in everything including removing the ornaments from the Christmas tree.

Echo in December helping with the Christmas card writing

Echo was adopted on the 17 January this year and weighed 2.02kg. She went to live with a family with 2 daughters, 2 other cats and a spaniel dog.

Sleepy Echo with her toys and little bed


Echo in her new home



Echo has settled into her new home very quickly and her new mum Sue said she was marvellous on her first night with them

This is a recent photo update we have received of two of Echo's brothers

Elephant & Enigma

Another of Echo's siblings is Éclair, now known as a Mia

Éclair (now Mae) in July at 11 months old

Echo has chosen to ignore the house rules of no cats on the beds!
Her two 'cat mates' are better behaved than her

Echo in May

   This is the most recent photo of her on the eve of her birthday
Echo now 1 year old

Happy 1st Birthday Echo !

We are so pleased to have played a part in your life.
Thank you to Sue and her family for the regular photo updates.
Echo is a little diva who was lucky enough to be given a very loving forever home.

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