Monday, 6 July 2015

Success Story - Ali

Ali started life at Exeter Axhayes as a very frightened boy who found straying out in the countryside. Whilst in our care, he was diagnosed with FIV which meant he needed an indoor home. This was a challenge for the girls who work here as he was so frightened and found life in a pen a very scary place. It took one of our volunteers and a few of our CCAs to help bring him around and show him that people are not scary.


After a couple of months, his confidence improved and he started to enjoy the attention. He was lucky to find that extra special owner who was happy to give him the time and patience. He has been in his home for a week now; he has come on leaps and bounds.

His owners have said he has some on a lot further than they were expecting. He is already sat on the sofa. He has his hiding place behind their sofa and a sleeping blanket behind the armchair. He comes out for food, strokes, treats and general love and attention. He purrs, dribbles, head-butts and even licks. He rolls around on his back and even lets them touch his tummy willingly.   

Ali with our volunteer Isla

Ali feeling braver

He hasn’t been too keen on the loud noises; he is not a fan of technology – phones, screens and people on the TV. He likes to listen to the radio and their records with them. He is slowly getting used to all of the noises in their flat.

They have told us that he likes to talk to them. If they call his name he comes out and chats to them. He has very quickly become part of the family. They have said “I had no idea quite how rewarding this whole process would be, he makes progress every day and it warms my heart. I’m a complete sucker for him.”

Ali enjoying some lap time...
We would like to thank his owners for getting in contact with us. We thought we’d share his story to inspire anyone who wants to give a shy/timid cat a chance.  

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  1. It is moments like this that make all the hours spent with the more challenging cats like Ali so very worthwhile. It was a priviledge to watch his trust gradually build and turn him into the adorable and loving cat that he now is. His new family have given him the 'happy ever after' and this is all the thanks we volunteers need.