Thursday, 9 April 2015

Homemade cardboard treat ball for your cat

How to make your cat a cardboard treat ball.

Make your own cardboard tube toy ball for your cat. It's easy! CCA Gemma saw this on the internet and has been making them for some of the cats at the adoption centre. Give it a try.

You will need.....

  • An empty cardboard Toilet paper roll.
  • Scissors.
  • Your cat's favourite treats (optional)
  • Mark four, 1/4-inch (or finger-width) marks on the side of the cardboard roll.
  • Use the scissors to cut each ring (the rings alone are great cat toys -- the cats love 'em!).
  • Insert the first ring into the second ring, then continue with the third and fourth, until you've formed a ball. 

Your cat will love batting this toy around on the floor, maybe pop a few cat treats inside the ball. Some of our cats like Val (here photographed) have been batting these toys around this afternoon, to get the treats out. Please share your creations with your cats on our facebook page.

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