Monday, 2 March 2015

Please help Panjo

This is poor Panjo’s second stay with us. She came to us originally as a stray, and was in a bad state - she has a terrible skin condition which we are treating with medication and TLC. Panjo eventually found a home, but it was a busy household and was too stressful for her, so she has come back to us. We are desperate to find Panjo a home as soon as possible, not just because it is her second time here, but because a pen situation isn’t good for her.
Panjo last year - with her fur grown back

Panjo last week
She is looking for a quiet home where she will be the only animal, and where there are no young children, ideally with someone who works from home, or who is around a lot of the time because she loves company. She will purr for hours when you stroke her, and loves to chase her ping-pong balls and she needs to be distracted from grooming herself too much. Panjo would make a wonderful companion – she just needs to find the right home. Could you help Panjo?

Please call us on 01395 232377 for more information. Thank –you.

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