Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Oldie Success Story - Basil and Sooty

Sooty and Basil were two of our gorgeous oldies who found a home together back in January this year. Basil is a lovely 10 year old boy who came to us in a terrible state; he had been living as a stray so he was very thin and needed one of his eyes removed. Sooty is a very sweet 15 year old boy who found himself at the centre after his owner moved house and couldn’t take him too. They both needed operations and lots of TLC from the CCAs, after a couple of months they both found a home together. We have received a lovely email from their new owners, what they’ve said really demonstrates why old cats make the best companions……

“Dear All,
Thought you might like to see some pictures of Sooty and Basil and how they have settled into their new home. Sooty likes an old water bottle cover filled with a soft pillow and Basil likes to be tucked up


With Sooty & Basil we couldn’t have wished for more, they are such fantastic pair of felines and very mischievous. They both sleep on the same sofa together and it was only last night Basil walked over to Sooty rubbed noses with each other and then both settled down to go to sleep as if they were saying “good night see you in the morning”

Sooty is full of energy and very much loves his cuddles, very good appetite and basically he’s wonderful. Sooty hasn’t been interested in going out he likes to stay within reach of food, water and cuddles. Sooty does have a loud snore which is quite funny when he’s synchronised with John snoring

Basil has settled in very well still nervous at times but more due to noises he’s not heard before. He too likes his cuddles and is a big softie. When he has a wash its more of a bath he washes for England and is very clean. Basil went out for the first time this weekend just gone and we were very much the nervous parents, no problem he came pounding back after his adventures, promptly got on his blanket on the sofa and went to sleep


The two of them together is wonderful to see and Sooty is very much like the Dad and he’ll tell Basil off at 03:00 in the morning when he decides to start running around and Sooty wants to sleep, then Sooty likes the idea and he too starts running round.

They are such a fantastic pair and it’s such a wonderful feeling to have them both with us in their home just as much as ours.

Basil snoozing

Once again thank you to all of you for allowing Sooty and Basil to come home with us and for the complete care and attention you gave to both of them whilst they were with you to get them back onto the road of recovery which they have definitely made. I know for Basil at the beginning it didn’t look good for him as he was so poorly but you must be so proud for what you achieved and got him back to his handsome self. Sooty what do you say, he went through a lot, he’s a little fighter and such a fantastic character”

We would like to thank their new owners for getting in touch with us. We hope their success story will help inspire anymore who is interested in giving an older cat a happy loving retirement home.

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