Monday, 30 March 2015

Interested in becoming a cat foster carer?

We currently have two cat foster carer vacancies at Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre.

Over the last five years Cats Protection has helped over one million cats, fosterers have played a huge role in achieving this fantastic milestone, can you help us help more cats?
Unfortunately thousands of cats each year rely on the help of animal charities because of a change in their owner’s circumstances, they have been abandoned or have strayed. Volunteers at Cats Protection give these cats and kittens a second chance in life and help to create happy endings for cats across the UK.

Fostering is just one way you can be part of these happy endings for cats in your community! As a fosterer you take a cat into your home temporarily and provide the care and TLC it needs until it finds its new forever home.

We are looking for cat fosterers who have some spare time to care for the cats, be confident around cats, have a caring but practical personality, enjoy interacting with people and are happy to follow our cat care standards and charity policies. A thirst for knowledge around all things cat and happy to keep up-to-date information and complete paperwork for cats in care are also key for this role.

In return for your time, commitment and all the TLC you can offer cats we provide everything that you and your foster cat will require:

-       Cat accommodation – equipment to adapt a spare room

-       Food, litter, bedding, bowls, litter trays and toys for your foster cat

-       Veterinary treatment for Cats Protection cats/kittens in your care

-       Help, support and training so you feel confident and happy as a fosterer

Many of our CCAs have fostered Cats Protection cats in their own homes, we have fostered a variety of cats including caring for our oldies with medical conditions, depressed cats not coping with life in a pen, nervous/shy cats in need of confidence building, mums and her kittens, kittens in need of TLC and hand-rear kittens. Here are some cats our CCAs have helped during their time in their foster homes.

Tamsin and her kittens – in foster for 8 weeks with CCA Gemma.
Tamsin was found heavily pregnant and living rough in Exeter last winter before coming into a centre. Just before Christmas she birth to four beautiful kittens, two boys, two girls named Prancer, Dancer, Donner and Blitzen. They went into their foster home during the Christmas holidays when they were just a week old. They lived in a spare room in a fold up playpen where mum Tamsin could get in and out if she needed a break from them. As there were no other pets in the household they could explore other rooms as they got older. They remained in their foster home for 8 weeks, only returning to the centre for a health check, first vaccination and neutering. CCA Gemma weighed them regularly on some kitchen scales, treated them for worms and helped keep mum as healthy as possible making sure she had regular meals.

This time in a normal home was hugely beneficial for the kittens as they got used to all of the household sounds they wouldn’t hear the adoption centre like hoovers, TVs, washing machines etc. It’s particularly important during the kittens 2-8 week socialisation period. When Tamsin and her kittens returned to the centre, not much phased the kittens, they were confident and ready to find homes. All successfully reserved for rehoming in one weekend.

Felix – in foster for almost a year with CCA Diane
Felix came into the centre with a nasty wound on his neck which was taking a long time to heal. He wore a little leather boot to stop him scratching his wound. He became increasingly unhappy in his pen and his wound just wasn’t making much progress. After a couple of months, Felix moved in with CCA Di.

Felix in his jumper

Felix's neck wound

He started off wearing socks to prevent him from scratching his neck; he then began to wear colourful jumpers to wear to help protect his neck wound. These jumpers have allowed his wound to heal over time and don’t bother him at all. Once his neck had completely healed, he no longer needed to wear his jumper. Felix spent 12 months in CP care/foster home before finding his forever home.

Frequently asked Questions…..        

What if I have other pets?

You can foster if you have other pets but all foster cats must be kept separately. This is to protect the foster cat as well as the fosterer’s own pets. As rescued cats’ backgrounds are often unknown it’s important that all pets in the household remain healthy and we would recommend that a fosterer’s own pets are fully vaccinated and boosters are kept up-to-date.

What if I get too attached to the cat?

We know it is easy to fall for the cats, but fosterers remember that they are temporary carers. If you do want to adopt a cat you can talk to volunteers or staff and discuss what would be best for that particular cat.

Most fosterers know that if they adopt cats their ability to help more cats decreases so are more than happy to be the temporary carers which are much needed.

How do the cats get homes?
When the cat or kitten is ready for homing, you may bring the cat to the Adoption Centre to be rehomed or liaise with staff at the centre to meet the potential adopter(s). We always carefully match the right people with the right cat by asking a series of questions so you can rest assured that once you have cared for the cat or kitten it will be very well taken care of in their new home.

What about holidays/breaks?

Fosterers liaise directly with the adoption centre staff to plan and arrange holidays and breaks. We can make arrangements for cats to be moved to back into the centre, to keep your space free until you come back or are ready for another cutie!

Becoming a cat foster carer is hugely rewarding, it not only benefits the cat and kittens, it also provides cat lovers with an opportunely to give back and help cats in the best way they can. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about becoming a cat fosterer.
If you would like more information please contact our Adoption Centre Manager Mark on 01395 232377 or visit our website Thank you.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Oldie Success Story - Basil and Sooty

Sooty and Basil were two of our gorgeous oldies who found a home together back in January this year. Basil is a lovely 10 year old boy who came to us in a terrible state; he had been living as a stray so he was very thin and needed one of his eyes removed. Sooty is a very sweet 15 year old boy who found himself at the centre after his owner moved house and couldn’t take him too. They both needed operations and lots of TLC from the CCAs, after a couple of months they both found a home together. We have received a lovely email from their new owners, what they’ve said really demonstrates why old cats make the best companions……

“Dear All,
Thought you might like to see some pictures of Sooty and Basil and how they have settled into their new home. Sooty likes an old water bottle cover filled with a soft pillow and Basil likes to be tucked up


With Sooty & Basil we couldn’t have wished for more, they are such fantastic pair of felines and very mischievous. They both sleep on the same sofa together and it was only last night Basil walked over to Sooty rubbed noses with each other and then both settled down to go to sleep as if they were saying “good night see you in the morning”

Sooty is full of energy and very much loves his cuddles, very good appetite and basically he’s wonderful. Sooty hasn’t been interested in going out he likes to stay within reach of food, water and cuddles. Sooty does have a loud snore which is quite funny when he’s synchronised with John snoring

Basil has settled in very well still nervous at times but more due to noises he’s not heard before. He too likes his cuddles and is a big softie. When he has a wash its more of a bath he washes for England and is very clean. Basil went out for the first time this weekend just gone and we were very much the nervous parents, no problem he came pounding back after his adventures, promptly got on his blanket on the sofa and went to sleep


The two of them together is wonderful to see and Sooty is very much like the Dad and he’ll tell Basil off at 03:00 in the morning when he decides to start running around and Sooty wants to sleep, then Sooty likes the idea and he too starts running round.

They are such a fantastic pair and it’s such a wonderful feeling to have them both with us in their home just as much as ours.

Basil snoozing

Once again thank you to all of you for allowing Sooty and Basil to come home with us and for the complete care and attention you gave to both of them whilst they were with you to get them back onto the road of recovery which they have definitely made. I know for Basil at the beginning it didn’t look good for him as he was so poorly but you must be so proud for what you achieved and got him back to his handsome self. Sooty what do you say, he went through a lot, he’s a little fighter and such a fantastic character”

We would like to thank their new owners for getting in touch with us. We hope their success story will help inspire anymore who is interested in giving an older cat a happy loving retirement home.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Help us raise funds for free when you shop online!

Shop online and raise funds for FREE for Cats Protection - Friends of Axhayes Group.

It's easy! Just visit and follow the simple steps to sign up before you start shopping.  Then you can start shopping using the links to over 2000 retailers, including Amazon, Next, Argos, M&S and John Lewis, and every time you shop, a donation will be given to us at no additional cost to you!  Brilliant!  And on behalf of the cats, thank-you!

In the last year, our supporters of Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre raised £266.16 for our lovely cats and kittens! Thank you very much for all of our support!  

Monday, 2 March 2015

Please help Panjo

This is poor Panjo’s second stay with us. She came to us originally as a stray, and was in a bad state - she has a terrible skin condition which we are treating with medication and TLC. Panjo eventually found a home, but it was a busy household and was too stressful for her, so she has come back to us. We are desperate to find Panjo a home as soon as possible, not just because it is her second time here, but because a pen situation isn’t good for her.
Panjo last year - with her fur grown back

Panjo last week
She is looking for a quiet home where she will be the only animal, and where there are no young children, ideally with someone who works from home, or who is around a lot of the time because she loves company. She will purr for hours when you stroke her, and loves to chase her ping-pong balls and she needs to be distracted from grooming herself too much. Panjo would make a wonderful companion – she just needs to find the right home. Could you help Panjo?

Please call us on 01395 232377 for more information. Thank –you.