Friday, 30 January 2015

Success story-Salem (now known as Stan)

Salem came in from the RSPCA as part of a rescue which saved 80 cats from the same house. They came into us in a terrible condition from years of neglect. Salem's family group included Bob & Wizz who featured in our recent blog post. Salem had a problem with the pads on his feet that made them swell and bleed. We had to make sure all of the floor of his pen was padded for him. He could not use normal cat litter as this was too rough for his poorly paws. He was very thin and his coat was in poor condition.

Salem and Bob

Salem at the centre
As a result of reading Bob & Wizz's blog, Stan's owners sent us a lovely email update and some wonderful photos that we would like to share with you.

Stan looking very cosy in bed!

This is what they had to say ....

"We've had him nearly 1 year now, and he has really blossomed. He was quite shy when he first came here, and he was hesitant about having too much contact with us, but that didn't last long. He is now pretty outgoing and VERY inquisitive, and quite fearless. He chirrups to us and his 3 sisters all the time, and he is SO affectionate; he has started, in the last couple of months, to be a real lap cat, and even sat on my shoulder the other night, while I was watching TV."

Stan with one of his new sisters


"He loves his 3 sisters, sometimes in a true "annoying little brother" style, but they're pretty patient with him, especially Martha, our grey cat. You often find one of them curled up next to him, and we call him a love bucket, because he's had a mellowing effect on them- apart from when he's trying to sit on them. Although he's only little, he's such a big character, and very funny."
Stan the love bucket!

"It's incredibly rewarding to have been able to give him a safe, loving home, and he has more than repaid our efforts. Knowing a little bit about his past, it's just a joy to see him all stretched out on the bed in a big patch of sunshine, or running round the garden chasing flies. He's got a bit taller and fluffier over the months, but is still a funny looking little thing. Everybody who visits us falls in love with him, and we are so, so pleased we found him. Thank you for taking such good care of him", Pippa & Phil.

Stan loving his new life

We are so happy for Stan and would like to say
a very big 'thank you' to Pippa and Phil
for coming to Axhayes and for giving
this special little cat a loving forever home.

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