Thursday, 22 January 2015

Success story-Bob and Wizz

Bob and Wizz were adopted on the 28 December by Isla, one of our volunteer cat socialisers. She has known the cheeky twosome ever since she started coming to the centre. Isla was so pleased to be allowed to adopt them but wasn’t sure how her existing elderly cat was going to cope with the two new arrivals.

Bob and Wizz on their new bed
Originally Bob and Wizz came in from the RSPCA as part of a rescue which saved 80 cats from the same house. Sadly they came into us in a terrible condition from years of neglect. Due to this Wizz developed a stomach condition which we have under control with medication.
Wizz when he arrived at the centre
When Bob came to us her fur was in bad condition and she was quite skinny. They spent many months being nursed back to health.They had regular handling as they weren’t used to being picked up and stroked. Now Bob’s fur has grown back, she gets regular grooming, which she is getting used to and doesn’t mind being pampered.
Bob showing off in her pen
Bob posing on the stairs

Isla has been keeping in touch on our facebook page with regular updates on the daily antics and adventures of this inquisitive pair.

Here are some of the extracts :

“Hi to all our friends, Bob and Wizz here, thanks for all your messages, we are settling in nicely, have a lovely new big brother who let us steal his lunch when we arrived home, I think Bob is flirting with him, but that's ok. Spent a very cosy night, no more cages now. We have had breakfast and are about to sit in the window and watch our new world go by xx” 

“Hi friends, lots more new experiences and discoveries ... human beds are great to stretch out on or play roly poly over ... airing cupboards are fab, especially ones with a carpeted bottom shelf especially for us felines. I think we have ousted our brother but he knows other places to sit and is too much of a gentleman to push us out - we do move out and let him sit there occasionally. Stairs are such fun, we chase each other up and down them and mum sometimes adds the extra fun of a ball to chase on them too. But when we are tired of all this fun nothing beats curling up together in our own furry bed. Love Bob and Wizz xx”

Bob and Wizz playing on the stairs

“One of our most favourite playthings is not our mice, balls or fish, kindly provided for us, no, it is something we have found for ourselves ... a large cardboard box that mum left on the sitting room floor after taking out the basket of flowers that was in it. We take it in turns to be the one inside while the other sits on top and tries to reach inside to bop the other on the nose ... great fun. Lots of love Bob and Wizz xx”


“We have just arrived home again after taking a trip out to see all our friends at Axhayes. We were a bit worried on the journey out that maybe we had done something wrong and had to go back but everything was just as mum had promised and after a little while we were back in the car and we held our breath all the way home just in case but we needn't have worried. We are now curled up together in our own furry bed ... home at last !!! Love Bob and Wizz xx”


Snuggled together!

We have never met two cats that share such a bond, they truly love and depend on each other. They are so lucky to have found such a devoted new owner and a wonderful forever home.
Bob and Wizz leaving the building

All the staff at Axhayes would like to thank Isla and wish Bob and Wizz
a long and happy life with endless adventures  xxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. A special message from Bob and Wizz, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Axehayes who nursed us back to health and showed us what love and kindness were ... you are very special people xxx