Thursday, 4 December 2014

Success story - Jelly Bean

Back in June of this year, a tiny black kitten was brought into the centre by a kind lady. She was rescued from a farm where she was born. She was only 20g when she came in which was very small for her age. She was too little to be at the centre on her own, so CCA Di took her home with her for extra TLC. She needed to be hand fed as she was too little to eat for herself. Di named her Jelly Bean. In her foster home she really flourished, she gained weight and got into all sorts of mischief. She loved to play with Di's border collie dog. Once she was feeling better, she returned to the centre and quickly found a home.

         Jelly Bean enjoyed snuggling in her hooded bed

Jelly Bean was very cuddly and loved attention
                                                Jelly Bean playing in her pen at the centre

She is now six months old and her owner has been in touch with us. We are pleased to hear that she is loving life, loves being out in the garden and loves chilling out by the fire in the evenings. Hasn’t she grown??? We would like to thank her new owners to sending us the photos and email update. We’re pleased she is doing so well and is happy.