Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Success Story - Iiman

You may remember our little cat Iiman. She was found living rough and came into us with a group of her friends back in February 2014. She was a nervous little girl when she arrived, after much TLC from our CCAs and volunteers she soon gained her confidence. She was finally rehomed in July we were all very pleased for her. Her owner has been in touch via email with news on how she is settling in to her new home and shared some lovely photos of her….

Iiman is now called Willow. Her owner says “She is still settling in well a lot happier and less nervous than when we first brought her home. She has a good appetite now, especially loves chicken and James Well Beloved Fish biscuits. She spends a lot of time in the one room but will venture out to see the other cats of an evening. As yet we have decided not to let her out as we feel it is too soon. One of our cats who was a bit nervous took eight weeks but is now very confident. She really is a pretty little thing her coat is looking really healthy and glossy as you will see from the pics. Feel we are very lucky to have her here. The other cats are slowly getting used to her as well which is good.” 

We would like to thank her new owner for getting in contact with us. It’s always nice to hear how our cats and kittens are getting on in their new homes. If you have adopted any of our Axhayes cats or kittens, please feel free to contact us with news and maybe a picture or two. Thank you for your support.