Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Success Story - Keats

Keats was originally brought in to us last October. He lived outside all his life and was being fed by an elderly lady. As he aged and his eyesight decreased, he wanted to come inside and enjoy some home comforts. Unfortunately for Keats the lady wouldn’t allow this. During his time at the centre he was really extremely nervous and very unhappy in a pen.

We managed to find a foster home for him for a few months, in his foster home had helped him relax and discover all the home comforts such as warm radiators, a soft bed and regular meals. Sadly his fosterer needed leave Exeter to go back home. We put out desperate appeals for a permanent home for Keats as he really wasn’t coping in a pen. A few weeks after he came back we finally found him a permanent home; we were delighted to her from his new owner.

“I just wanted to give you an update on Keats (although we call him Soloman, which has turned out to be quite an apt name for him as he is a little solo man).

Basically I just wanted you to know that we can now stroke him, kiss him, pick him up. He is starting to come up on our bed and lie with us. He is so full of love. He is a beautiful boy and I am so happy that he has come to live with us >^..^< He has even started to sleep next to me when I go to sleep. I love him so much (and it makes me sad to think that he hasn’t had the best of lives). Our other two cats don’t bother him, the one who I thought might be a nightmare stays clear of him, I think she’s frightened of him. And our other cat Molly, I think Soloman likes a lot. He often goes up to her and they sniff each other and Molly brushed against him lovingly for the first time yesterday.”

We are so pleased to hear Keats (now named Solomon) has settled in well and that he’s happy in his new home. We would like to thank his new owner for keeping us updated on his progress. 

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