Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Success Story - Sark

Sark was one of thirty cats which were rescued from the RSPCA back in August 2013. Many of these guys were very shy and timid due to the sheer number of cats; sadly some of them didn’t get enough attention from their owner to make them confident cats. Sark was eventually adopted January 2014, after patiently waiting and becoming a little more confident thanks to our CCAs and volunteers.


Sark’s owners have been in touch via our email with an update on his progress. Sark started life in his life in his new home in the bottom conservatory where he managed to make a bed inside the underneath of the sofa (yes inside the sofa). His owners thought they lost him or he had escaped. Every night they encouraged him out with treats, although he was very scared, he gradually started coming out more and more. His owners other cat Jelly did not except him very well but just recently after she became poorly they have become good friends, but Sark knows Jelly is the boss. Sark decided to gate-crash his owners Valentine’s Day meal by stealing the steaks off the kitchen work top and hiding in the sofa with them. He has learnt very quickly that he gets fed and no longer steals food from the work tops.  He loves the kids and loves sitting on our laps in the evenings also has mental moments like chasing things on the TV; which their kids find very funny.

Sark hasn’t been outside much, the cat flap is open all of the time for Jelly, but Sark is not interested in the great outdoors. He did put two paws on the patio the other day but he ran straight back inside bless him. His owner thinks this will change with the summer coming. His owner said he is a real joy to their house and thanked us for helping him build up his confidence.
We would like to thank his owners for giving him the time and patience to bring him around. He sounds like a very happy and settled boy. We would also like to thank them for the update and photos. We are so pleased he is doing so well.

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