Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Life of Brian... at Axhayes

Before coming to our centre, poor Brian was living as a stray in the city. When he arrived at Axhayes he was in a poor state. His once long fluffy ginger and white hair was really badly matted and scabby. It must have been very uncomfortable, maybe even painful for him. Even though his fur would have been causing him much discomfort, he has been an absolute delight! He’s been very friendly and affectionate with our girls. He was just grateful for a warm bed away from the cold winter weather, some food and of course cuddles from our CCAs.  

Brian - the day he came to Axhayes

The next day he went to see our vet to be neutered and needed a de-matt. His fur was so badly matted it took our vet and veterinary nurse an hour and a half of careful shaving to remove the fur. As you can see from the photos, it was so badly matted; the fur came off in one large piece. It looked like a fur coat once it was removed.

Brian during his dematt operation
Close up on his fur

Brian's fur

Once he came around from the anaesthetic, he was of course very hungry from missing breakfast and he was much more comfortable. He could finally groom himself once again. Our deputy manager found a woollen jumper for him to help keep him warm. He quickly decided red wasn’t his colour and soon took it off. Our girls gave him a heat pad and extra blankets to keep him warm instead. The next day one of our CCAs found him a funky black and Burberry style jacket, he didn’t mind running around in.      
Brian day after operation
Brian in his funky jacket
It’s been a couple of weeks since he was treated by our vet; his fur is beginning to slowly grow back. It won’t be long until his fur fully grows back and he will be handsome once again. He is now ready to find a loving home where he will be spoilt rotten. We are hoping someone will take him home with them very soon.

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  1. We are delighted to tell you that Brian has found a new home this weekend :-)