Thursday, 30 January 2014

How fostering helps our nervous cats - Scrapper aka Bentley

Scrapper's latest adventures....

Back in November 2013, we wrote a blog about Scrapper now renamed Bentley by his fosterer. He was rescued along with 80 cats from a flat in Bristol. We have many of his friends and relatives currently at the centre looking for homes. We’re hoping these blog entries about Scrapper will help our other nervous cats find homes.

Scrapper’s fosterer has been in touch with us with an update, we thought we’d share her email in the hope this may inspire any future fosterers and anyone who would like to give a nervous cat a loving home....

 “During the 3 months Bentley has been with us he has changed from a terrified little cat hiding, hissing and swiping with his paw, to a gentle, friendly cat who now struts confidently around the house, his tail held high. He no longer has any need of his "safe room" and spends his days playing with his toys and chasing around with the younger cats or curled up asleep, snuggled next to Joe and Nelson.  Evenings see him relaxing in front of the log burner in the lounge.



He has fit in really well with the household routine, is a good eater and very reliable with his litter tray. We have 6 other cats in the household, a mixture of male and female, ranging in age from 2 to 13 years.  Bentley adores all of them and has never once shown any sign of aggression towards them. He has made a special friend of Nelson, an older and extremely confident cat and has learnt much from him by imitation. The other cats seem to give him that extra little bit of courage he needs to interact with us and this has helped him to progress so much quicker.



Admittedly he is still on the nervous side and sometimes finds it a little threatening if you approach him. He loves to be spoken to, always answers when you call his name and happily comes for a stroke and a rub under his chin. He often comes to sit on the sofa beside me and will purr contentedly, however any sudden movement still alarms him so all contact with him needs to be slow & gentle.


During the last week or so I have actually managed to pick Bentley up, hold him close to me and stroke him for about 20 seconds or so. Then the panic sets in and he struggles to be put down. This is a huge step forward though, as previously any form of restraint, however slight, would terrify him.


I am sure that Bentley has the potential to make a lovely pet in a home that ideally has one or more other cats, providing that the new owner is prepared to be patient and give him the time, love and understanding he needs to settle in & accept that he is not instantly going to be a cuddly lap cat.”

We would like to give a special thank you to Bentley's fosterer for the photos and information about him. We have many of Bentley’s friends and relatives looking for homes. Some of them are still nervous and just need someone with the time and patience to help them become confident and loving cats. They are great other cats too, if your existing cat is looking for a friend any of these cats will be great company for them. If you would like to give any of them a loving home or you are interested in fostering any of our cats in need of help and you live in the Exeter area, please contact our centre on 01395 232377. Thank you.

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