Saturday, 2 November 2013

Success Stories - Jake and Simba

Here is another success story. During the summer two gorgeous ginger boys Jake and Simba came to Axhayes when their owner could no longer keep them. They were very hyperactive, loving and very playful. After spending a few weeks with us, they soon found a loving home together. Their owners have kindly emailed us last month to give us an update on how they are doing, they are now renamed  Bubbles and Bob.

Here’s what they said “The boys have settled in very well, as you will see from the attached photos they have grown quite a lot during the past two weeks.

They are lovely natured cats, very affectionate to us and each other. They also manage to have their own versions of the "Ben Hur" chariot races including Gladiator fights too, all without any aggression or damage to each other. In between all this, they snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV, animal and football programmes are the favourites.

We hope to let them out into the garden this weekend which they have been eyeing from our conservatory. We are very grateful that these two cats were available at a time when we were looking for cats.” We would like to thank their owners for contacting us, it's always nice to hear how they are getting on in their new homes. Please feel free to email or facebook us your Axhayes cat photos.

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