Saturday, 16 November 2013

How fostering helps our nervous cats

Scrapper's story...

Scrapper came to Axhayes back in August; he was part of a large group of cats that were rescued from a flat in Bristol. Due to the sheer numbers of nervous cats just like him, we appealed for help. We were grateful when someone who had adopted cats from us before came forward. Scrapper packed his bags and went to live in a foster home. Fostering is a great way to seeing how these nervous cats cope in a home or cats who just can’t cope in a pen situation and become depressed. 

Scrapper’s fosterer has been in touch, we thought we’d share her email in the hope this may inspire any future fosterers....

“Just an update on Scrapper who we have now named Bentley. He seems to like his new name and answers to it!
I am pleased to say we are making progress with him although there is still a long way to go. When he first came he squashed himself behind the TV for several days and would only come out to eat and use his litter tray when we had left the room. He advanced to lying in his cat carrier where at least we could see him, now, however he sleeps on his sheepskin blanket on the sofa and is usually waiting at the door to greet me in the morning. 

He has grown much more confident in the house and often comes out of his room and spends time with other cats who after some initial hissing and spitting have accepted him into the fold. He is particularly fond of Nelson and follows him around. Bentley will now come up to me when I call his name and take treats from my hand. Most times he will then accept a stroke and a rub under his chin. He is still a little wary though and occasionally panics and runs behind the sofa.

I have found him to be far more confident and accepting of contact when Nelson is with him and I am hoping that he will learn from him and the other cats that there is nothing to fear from humans. When Nelson is by his side he will happily be stroked and rolls over for his tummy tickling. I have so far been unable to pick him up or even to restrain him to wipe a slightly runny eye. 

Last night for the first time he played – previously he seemed terrified of any toys. It was so lovely to see him having fun batting feather with Jessica and Merlin and kicking a tinkle ball around the floor.” 

If you are interested in fostering any of our cats in need of help and you live in the Exeter area, please contact our centre on 01395 232377. Thank you.

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  1. Such a lovely post. I would love to foster but know I would never give them back!!! I have 2 girls from the RSPCA who are very nervous, it's taken a year to gain their trust.