Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Endings - Allium and Sweep

Some of you may remember Allium, our very friendly boy who loved the children from Mill Water school who visited our centre. He has been in his new home for eleven weeks now and is doing very well. He’s now been renamed Archie, he spent the first few days of hiding under the sink cupboard, he is now confident and happy. We’ve been told his favourite occupations are sleeping and grooming. He’s been out in the garden but would rather be around the house. His owners are very pleased with him and we are pleased he’s happy and settled in his new home.

We have also heard from Sweep’s new owners after a couple of weeks. Sweep came in with Tinkerbell back in March after their owner sadly passed away. He was very shy when he came to us, after lots of TLC from the girls his confidence started to grow. His owners have contacted us, he’s doing really well and getting used to his new surroundings. He loves to lay in the sun when it shines in through the window. We’re so pleased that he’s happy with his new family. His friend Tinkerbell has been reserved and will be going to her new home in a few days.

We would like to thank Aluim (Archie) and Sweep’s owners for sending these wonderful photos and stories. If you would like to give any of our cats or kittens a loving home, please visit our website at Thank you.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Success Story - Ruddle

Regular Facebook and Blog followers may remember little Ruddle one of our kittens from last year. He came into to us in October 2012 when he was 3 months old with his sisters Otter and Tanglefoot. He was always a little shy and needed a lot of TLC and cuddles from our CCAs and volunteers to help build up his confidence. His sisters found homes, leaving Ruddle behind, after six months he finally found a loving home.
Last week his owners sent us some lovely photos of him (now renamed Casper) with his new canine companion Daisy. He really enjoying his new home and exploring the garden with Daisy. We are all so delighted he is doing really well and would like to thank his owners again for the lovely photos. 
Here are some of the photos of him…

If you would like to give any of our cats or kittens a loving home, please contact us Thank you.