Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Our New Feral Garden!

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A big part of our work at Cats Proection is helping with situations involving feral cats.  Ferals are cats which have been born in the wild and haven't been socialised to people or domestic environments.  They are the same species as our pets and are equally protected by law. 

We desperately needed a feral garden to give these cats more space while finding them permanent homes.

The Orchard Fencing Team 18/4/13
We frequently deal with situations where the feral population in an area has become unmanageable.  We humanely trap the cats, vet-check, vaccinate and neuter them and either release them to where they were living, or find new homes for them. 

Men at Work!

Rehoming feral cats can be difficult because we need to find them homes on farms, at stables, or similiar environments where they will be safe, fed and watched-over. 

The enclosure takes shape, 3/4/13

While the cats are at Axhayes waiting to be released or found homes, being in one of our pens which are fine for domestic cats is very stressful for them as these cats are used to being outside living wild. We really needed somewhere for them to be housed appropriately in the meantime. 

It's a big space!
To raise money for the project, staff and supporters of Axhayes took part in a Firewalk in Octoer 2011, and now work is in progress on our feral garden!

The feral garden will have shelter, a unit for us to use to maintain it, long grass areas, places to hide and feeding and activity areas.

We will keep you updated with progress!

If you can give a feral cat a home, please contact us on 01395 232377.

Update - April 30th

Bad weather meant that work was interrupted for a few days, but now the gates are on and the surface on which the  buildings will stand has been prepared.  Once the shelters are in place we will plant cat-friendly shrubs and add little shelters, hidy-holes and activity centres.  It won't be long before we have a lovely area for our feral cats!

Update - May 4th

The buildings have gone up and we'll be up and running soon!

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