Monday, 18 March 2013

FIV Appeal - Bishop, Snowy and Chantell

Here at Axhayes people often ask us for 'an indoor cat'.  The only cats we home as 'indoor cats' have a medical condition called F.I.V. This is a virus, similar to human H.I.V., which is present in blood, saliva and other bodily fluids, and it is very delicate and cannot survive for long periods out of the body. This means it cannot be transferred from cat to cat on people's hands or clothes. It can only infect cats, and infected cats can live normal lives for many years. We home cats with the virus as indoor cats to avoid the risk of the cats getting into fights with other cats and passing the virus on. Being indoors also means that there is less chance of catching an illness. There is currently no reliable treatment for F.I.V., and there is no vaccine against it. 
We currently have three F.I.V cats here at the centre looking for indoor homes.... 

1 year old male black and white cat

Bishop is a wonderfully friendly boy who just wants company! He was brought to us as a stray, and, unfortunately contracted FIV on his travels, which means that he is looking for an indoor home. he would make a great companion as he loves people and has a lovely nature. Please ask us about adopting him today!

8 year old male white and black cat

Dear snowy is looking for an inside home, somewhere where he can be loved for the special chap that he is. Who knows what life has dealt him, but we do know he isn't enjoying it in a pen. He moved from the Midlands to sunny Devon to hopefully find the greatest new home ever. If you are looking for a quiet little man to share your home with then he could be the one for you.

7 month old female black and white kitten  

For someone so young it is such a shame Chantell has to have an indoor home. Life can still be good, though, if she is given lots of love and attention. also you can bring in lots of toys and playthings to enrich her enviroment. She is such a little sweetie. If you are looking for an indoor cat then she could be the one for you.

We always have F.I.V. cats looking for homes, and they are purrfect for people who, providing there is enough space and enrichment for the cat, don't have gardens. If you interested in giving one of our FIV cats an indoor home, please get in touch with us. Thank you.

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