Monday, 18 March 2013

Ella - the chattiest cat at Axhayes!

Meet our latest office recruit Ella! This is her third visit to Axhayes; she really has been an unlucky black cat! She first came to us a few years ago, back then she was a well travelled cat and had moved quite a few times with her first owners. She loved her owner dearly and wanted to be with her all the time and would follow her everywhere. She really started to miss her when her owner went to work and became anxious and unhappy. Her owner felt it was better for her to find a new home where her needs could be better met.

Ella is a very friendly girl so much so that she wants all the attention to herself and does not like to share it with another cat. So she finds herself back this time to find a home where she can be centre of attention. Ella prefers human company; she just loves to be around people! During the day Ella hangs around reception with our managers and CCAs, she loves sitting on our laps and rubbing around your legs churping. She’s very charismatic and the girls here just love her character and find her antics very funny. Her favourite thing to do is to chat to you and tell you about her day.

Last week CCA Gemma and Therese have been trying to video her chattering. On Monday our receptionist Tracy started meowing to her, Ella starting churping a little, we managed to record some of her chatting. Ella has become somewhat camera shy and doesn’t want to chat once the camera starts recording. Her video is now completed and on youtube for everyone to see....

If you would like to give Ella a loving home, please visit our website for more information. Thank you.

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