Friday, 29 March 2013

Children learning about cats

Growing up with a pet can be an extremely rewarding experience for any youngster. We all remember our first pet and teaching your children to respect, love and help care for a cat will help them to become responsible and caring adults...

Did you know that we are able to offer tours of our centre to groups of children?

We had two tours a few weeks ago from Mill water School in Honiton and found one of our cats who was a stray was particularly attracted to the sight and sound of children. He was usually curled up in his bed under the covers most of the day but when the children visited, he got out of bed and came to his pen door. He was very happy to let some of them stroke him.

This is Allium who was adopted today

In the last couple of years we have also had a Scout tour and given a talk at a Brownie meeting. We find that children are very interested in cat care and always have questions and stories of their own cats to tell us. 

All of the cats in our rehoming section have pen labels on their door stating if they could be homed with children. Many of our cats are strays so we don’t have the usual information about the cats past experiences from a previous owner. Our cat care assistants get to know the cat’s temperament in the time they stay with us and are always happy to provide advice and guidance if you have children and are looking for a suitable cat. 

This is Robinson who has lived with children in his previous home


This is our eye catching van that we use to do home visits & trips to the vets

We also go to primary schools to give educational talks as part of the PHSE part of the curriculum. We even give the children a short quiz and goodie bag containing a bookmark, a balloon, a badge, a notepad and pencil and more…

You can find lots more fun for children while learning about cats on the main Cats Protection website. Just click on this link or for educational resources, have a look at

Please help us to educate the cat owners of the future.  

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