Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bilbo enjoying his new life...

Bilbo is a 2 year old male grey and white cat that came to the centre in January. This handsome chap was finding life very confusing after being made homeless when his owners were evicted.
We received a lovely letter from Sue his new owner with an update on his progress.

This is just some of her letter that we wanted to share with you.

“We adopted Bilbo at the beginning of February, and he has quickly become a much loved part of the family.  He has been ideal as a companion to our little black female who seemed to be fretting and lonely after the loss of our other cat last summer.

Bilbo has never once hissed or growled and is fascinated by her, following her around like a puppy. He is friendly and likes a fuss and cuddles and is happy to be picked up. He is a bit big to sit on a lap so tends to sprawl over both sides.

He is however a thief! He has obviously been used to eating scraps and cooked meat from the kitchen or table and will try his hardest to get his nose onto a plate with meat on it. So, we are having to think about not leaving food anywhere in the kitchen, something we have not had to worry about previously.

He was recently allowed out for the first time and was introduced to the cat flap. He had a good look around the garden for an hour or so with our other cat following him, then came back in for a snooze. Since then he has been in and out several times, so has obviously settled here and accepted us.

I think the photos show that he’s happy. In the middle one he is on top of the microwave, one of his favourite places in the kitchen where he can see what is going on!”

We love to hear your success stories and see photos of the cats you have adopted enjoying home life.  Please keep them coming!

You can send them by post to Exeter Axhayes Cats Protection, Little Hill Cottage, Clyst Honiton, Exeter, EX5 2HS or email them to

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