Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Our Lucky Lelo

Meet Lelo one of the friendliest cats at Axhayes! We met this loveable girl in January when CCA Debbie brought her to us via the vets. On arrival she was the happiest cat to be in a cat basket! She was happily purring and rolling around on the table while we checked her into the centre. She was involved in a road traffic accident and luckily for her she lived to tell the tale. She suffered a fractured pelvis and had to have part of her tail amputated. It was really important for her to have cage rest and needed to wear a buster collar to help her wounds heel. The girls padded her pen with lots of comfy blankets, gave her tasty meals, helped her clean herself and spend as much time with her as possible. Every year we take in cats who have been involved in RTAs and with help from our vet, our girls will nurse them back to full health.

Once her wounds healed, her buster collar was removed under supervision from the girls at first. Once she was ok without the collar, she didn’t need it anymore. She loved head butts, cuddles and climbing on to our laps for attention. She is always so happy to see people, she’s always purring and she runs to the front of her pen for attention whenever we’d walk by. Our girls began letting her have supervised walks around in the corridor to help her exercise. We monitored her to make sure she was not uncomfortable and not biting at her tail. She was just happy to follow us and be around people. We know she will make a terrific companion for someone.

After many weeks of TLC and rehabilitation, our vet is pleased with her progress and now Lelo is ready to find a new home. She will need a home somewhere safe away from busy roads. All of our girls here love her and say she is one of the friendliest, laid back and adorable cats they have ever known. She is waiting for someone to take her home. Please come in and say hello to Lelo.     

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