Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy Ending - Buttons

Buttons' last week at Axhayes...

Regular readers of our blog would have heard of Buttons our loveable older cat who likes to hang around in our office. He has loved supervising our girls around the office, sleeping in his chair, walking on our desks for head butts and kisses. Today he found his way into the kitchen, where he found a dripping tap; he loved drinking from this tap and playing with the water. He found CCA Gemma making a scrapbook near the office, he decided to sit on the coloured paper and squeak for attention. He’s a very mischievous boy. All of us just love him.

Buttons has finally had some luck with finding a new family. This weekend a nice couple who have homed some of our cats in the past, came to our centre and fell in love with him. Buttons is now reserved and will be going to his new home later this week. We are all so delighted for him and will miss his antics around the office. We will keep you updated on his progress in his new home.

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