Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cats looking for love this Valentine's Day!

Here are some of our cats and kittens looking for love this Valentine’s Day.....

Tim - Isn’t Tim handsome? Tim is a very chilled out and sweet boy in his golden years. Being a beautiful  Birman he will need a home where he will be pampered and groomed very often. He loves quiet nights in front of the telly, relaxing by the fire or on a lap. He would make a wonderful companion, please give him a home today. Y 

Zeno - Zeno is a handsome active boy, who loves the great outdoors and walks in the countryside. He is friendly, sociable, playful and energetic, he'll keep you on your toes. He is looking for a home with a nice garden so he can explore and play in and a loving family to match. If Zeno is the cat for you please come in and say hello! Y

Ella - This very chatty lady has sadly returned to the centre after not getting along with another cat in her previous home, as she does not like sharing. Ella is looking for a home where she is the only cat, so she can be centre of attention. Where she can be pampered and loved forever. She is very charismatic, she loves to chat to you and tell you about her day. She would make a wonderful companion. Poor Ella has been very unlucky, please help Ella find her true love this Valentine's Day.Y

Charlie and Lola - These gorgeous pair of black kittens have been with us since September. They're friendly, lively, affectionate and love to play games. Charlie loves cuddles, he lays in your arms purring and Lola loves to play, she is also a very sweet affectionate girl. They'll love a home where they can play outside in a nice safe garden and have cosy nights in with lots of cuddles and attention. Charlie and Lola are purrrrfect kittens and will make a wonderful addition to your homeY

Bishop - Bishop is a wonderful friendly boy who just loves company. He was brought in to the centre as a stray and unfortunately during his travels he contracted FIV which means that he is looking for an indoor home. He’s very sociable; he loves people and has a lovely nature. He is looking for an indoor home with lots of space where he can run around and play. He would like someone to keep him company. If you would like to give this loveable chap an indoor home, please get in touch with us. Y  

Unicorn - Isn't Unicorn beautiful? She was rescued along with her eight kittens from under a dual carriageway bridge. She has been a fantastic mum, managing to keep her large litter healthy outdoors is an amazing achievement. Unicorn is a very sweet girl with a gentle nature. She is looking for a quiet home with nice patient and loving people, who will help her build up her confidence. Please help Unicorn find a loving home where she can relax and be pampered forever. Y

Tallulah and Squiggles - Tallulah and Squiggles are two beautiful girls who have been with us for many months now. They are looking for someone to give them the second chance they deserve. Tallulah is a very confident girl, she loves attention and to play. Squiggles is very gentle and affectionate. These girls are used to family life, so they will fit into a family perfectly. They would like a safe garden to play in and explore, they would love evenings in relaxing and enjoying a fuss. Please help these wonderful ladies find a loving home. Y

Interested in adopting any of our wonderful cats or kittens? Please call us on 01395 232377 to book a home visit. We are open every day from 11am until 3pm, come in and fall in love with our cats this Valentine's Day! 

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