Saturday, 12 January 2013

Petal and Pretzel

Petal and her brother Pretzel are two of eight kittens which were born at one of our local Cats Protection branches. They came to the centre and spent a few weeks in our maternity section with their mother until they were ready for rehoming. Their mother has been rehomed and last week all eight kittens, Posie, Peabo, Pastille, Peony, Pete, Pew, Petal and Pretzel moved to our kitten corridor. In only a few days Pastille and Peony were chosen and left the centre around 2 o’clock this afternoon to their new home. Both kittens were keen to get into their cat carrier, ready to start their new life with their new family.

Petal and Pretzel are adjusting well to the busy kitten corridor and meeting the many visitors to their pen. This afternoon Petal and Pretzel enjoyed a fuss with CCA Gemma, they both purred lots. They loved tickles behind the ears, under their chins and strokes. CCA Gemma gave them a laser toy to play with. This toy was kindly donated by a member of the public just before Christmas. These kittens have not played with this toy before, the moment at was switched on they loved it. It was spiraling on their pen wall; Pretzel and Petal were sat in bed watching the laser. Petal was very excited and started pawing at the laser on the wall. Pretzel soon joined in and both kittens loved chasing the laser across the walls and floor of their pen. 


Half an hour later... Petal and Pretzel were still chasing the laser, some cats and kittens get bored after a while. Not these two. When it was switched off Petal was looking for the laser everywhere while Pretzel curled up in bed to relax. It was soon teatime. Petal and Pretzel tucked into their kitten food, it will be soon ready for bed and to wait and see what tomorrow will bring. Here's a video of them playing with the laser toy just below....    

These beautiful black kittens are looking for a home together, if you would like to adopt some lucky black kittens, please contact our centre via our facebook page or website at Thank you 

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