Monday, 21 January 2013

Homing update - 21st January

We've had a great weekend homing lots of our kittens! Two of them you may remember which are Aspen and Russell who were rescued from under a dual carriageway bridge by our CCAs. These kittens were so nervous and frightened of people when they first came to us. They came on leaps and bounds, they loved sitting at the front of their pen and playing. We are so pleased all of them have found loving homes. We are hoping their mum Unicorn will found a loving home soon. Her confidence is growing each and every day here with us. She’s looking for someone with a little time and patience to help her develop to her full potential. She looked very adorable this morning by covering herself with her blanket to keep warm in this cold winter weather.

Buttons has been spending time in our office for a few weeks now, he loves being around the girls and it gives him a nice break from his pen. His favourite thing to do is to head-butt you while you’re working on a computer or filling out paperwork. He loves kisses and attention. He enjoys sitting on our counter watching people come in or finding donated cat nip toys and going a bit hyperactive for an afternoon. He’s had a calmer day today. Its cold outside here in Exeter, so Buttons curled up on our office chair for a nap and enjoying any attention he received from our CCAs.

We are hoping we will have another good weekend for some of our long stayers like Ainslee and Shanaze. These kittens came into to our centre back in July around the London 2012 Olympics. Hence their names, they are named after Ben Ainslie and Shanaze Reade. When these kittens came to us they were very tiny, only eight or nine weeks old. They were strays roaming the town all on their own. After weeks of TLC from our CCAs, they became fit and healthy kittens with lots of energy. Their brother Daley luckily found a home many months ago, now Shanaze and Ainslee are hoping it will be their turn next. 

They are looking for a nice safe permanent home where they can enjoy life to the full. If you are looking for lots of fun and hours of amusement, then these are the kittens for you! For more information please contact us via our website or follow us links to our facebook page.

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