Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Unicorn's kittens are ready to find homes.

"Rescued from under a bridge"

We thought we would give you a quick update on Unicorn’s eight beautiful kittens. These lucky kittens were rescued back in September by our CCAs Diane and Christie. They were living under a bridge which was over a dual carriageway with many cars zooming past below. Not the safest place to raise a young family. We were alerted about them from a concerned member of the public, our deputy manager Phil and CCA Diane spent hours trapping them. They managed to trap mum and seven kittens but there was still one kitten left. CCA Christie spent hours sat in the rain and eventually the tiny little black kitten emerged from under the bridge. Our kittens, Aspen, Russell, Betony, Norman Digby, Haddeo, Rydon and Lucky have moved on to our rehoming section today. These kittens are enjoying relaxing in their new pens this afternoon. They’ve been playing with their new toys, watching people pass by and have had volunteers and CCAs saying hello to them.

All of these kittens are waiting for any potential adopters pick them and take them home. These kittens are all playful, friendly and affectionate; they are looking for a safe place to live away from busy roads and traffic. Their mother Unicorn is also available for adoption. If you are interested in any of Unicorn’s fabulous kittens, please get in touch with us. Please visit our website www.axhayes.cats.org.uk or facebook page for more information. Thank you.

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