Monday, 17 December 2012

Found a home in time for Christmas

We had a great afternoon on Saturday, Israel (Izzy) and Nessie have finally found a new home together. These two were found on a farm back in March when they were only six months old. They were incredibly hungry and had no place to call home. Luckily some cat loving people contacted us and they came to the centre. They were a little shy to start with, after lots of TLC from our CCAs their confidence grew and they became very friendly affectionate cats.

Izzy and Nessie were very happy to leave in their cat carrier. Izzy happily purred in her carrier and watching me fill out her paperwork. She was clearly very happy to be finally going home. We are so pleased they have found a home after spending nine months with us. It’s true when we say at the centre; all of our cats find homes eventually.   

We have great news about some of Unicorn’s kittens! For those who follow our blog regularly; you may remember these kittens were rescued from under a dual carriageway bridge back in September. Our lucky kittens Rydon, Lucky, Haddeo and Digby have been reserved and will be going to their new homes very soon. We are hoping our remaining black kittens Aspen, Betony, Norman and Russell find homes soon. They are all very sweet, friendly and playful. They are waiting for someone to pick them.

Morpheus and Trinity are our longest staying kittens at the centre. Please read our previous blog about them for more details. We really hope someone will adopt them in time for Christmas or the New Year. We can’t understand why they are still with us. Morpheus and Trinity are very outgoing, energetic, affectionate, mischievous and of course playful. They love to play and run about. We've had many visitors on Saturday and today, Morpheus and Trinity happily introduced themselves to them and loved to attention they received. Sadly they have no been chosen today, we are optimistic they will find a home together. They are will make a great addition to a family; they are great with cats, dogs and children. Please contact us for more information about Morpheus and Trinity.  

If you are interested in adopting any of our cats and kittens, please contact us on 01395 232377 or please visit our website. We will be taking a break over the Christmas holidays on our Facebook page and blog, so their will be a delay answering any questions. Please contact us via our telephone number.

Over the Christmas period the way we home cats changes slightly. Many people's homes are very busy, full of excitement and hustle and bustle, and this is not the right kind of environment to settle in a rescue cat. For this reason homing during the Christmas period will be at our adoption centre manager’s discretion. We will continue to carry out home-visits, and after these, you can still reserve a cat to be picked up in the New Year.  Our opening hours only change in that we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Thank you.

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