Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Day at Axhayes!

While many people were opening their presents or cooking their turkey on Christmas Day, our CCAs came into the centre to care for the cats and kittens. It’s nice to come in and make Christmas special for our cats and kittens. Since the end of November we have been collecting cat toys and food for Christmas Day.  

On Christmas morning some of our CCA’s came in early to feed and clean as normal. Once we were finished, we gave out Christmas presents for our cats and kittens. On Christmas Eve CCA Diane made a sleigh from a box and decorated it with tinsel and attached a Santa Claus toy to the front. We put this sleigh on to our feeding trolley and pushed it down the corridors. Santa’s sleigh visited each cat pen and CCAs Gemma, Christie and Michelle gave out toys for all our cats and kittens. We were very lucky to have a variety of toys kindly donated this year. Our cats and kittens enjoyed their new toys and tasty food; these donations brought our cats and kittens some festive cheer.

Didley loved his fishing rod toy and toy mouse. He’s a very playful old boy; he was happily rolling around and batting his mouse around his pen. Sam a few pens across loved his homemade catnip toy. Betony and Norman were playing with a feathery toy. Otter, Tanglefoot and Ruddle were given a large cube toy to play in, they were a little unsure of it, but soon started to play with it. Felix enjoyed another catnip toy. He’s was very sneaky before Christmas and found one of his presents. A few weeks ago he found a catnip toy from the Christmas toy bag and started to play with it. This was recorded by CCA Gemma and posted onto youtube for his video appeal. He loves catnip.    

In our maternity section, Mrs Ewing’s kittens Baby Sue, JR, Ellen and Bobby were given a large purple tunnel. They were a little afraid of this strange object in their pen at first. CCA Gemma showed them it wasn’t scary, Baby Sue and Bobby started to jump on and play with the tunnel. Please check out their video below (apologises for the video quality).   

After playing with their new toys, it was time for their Christmas dinner. A couple of our CCAs have been cooking turkey for our cats and kittens on Christmas Eve. Each of our cats and kittens were given cooked turkey, which they all tucked in to. Once Christmas dinner was finished some of the cats relaxed in bed, while others played with their toys. By next Christmas all of these cats and kittens will have loving homes and families.

We would like say thank you to everyone who donated cat toys and food this Christmas. 

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  1. lovely post.well done everyone.we donated food at sainburys in dawlish..hope you recieved it. happy new year and hope all the kitties find loving from me and my 3 rescue cats x