Monday, 19 November 2012

Success Story - Walnut and Waffles

Walnut and Waffles came to Axhayes back in June of this year with their siblings Wilberforce, Wesley, Whiskers and William. These kittens were found living outside and were very frightened when they first came to the centre. These kittens needed lots of help building up their confidence, some of them were socialised by our cat socialiser Carolyne and one pair spent some time in a foster home with CCA Vicky.

Two months later Walnut and Waffles (now renamed Luna) were chosen and went to live with a family. They told us during their telephone follow up, it took a little time to for Walnut and Waffles to gain their trust but once they did, they turned into friendly and loving kittens. They have settled in extremely well, they are really happy with them. Their owner’s previous older cat just loves them and has got a new lease of life!

 Today we have received some lovely photos from their new owners; these once shy and nervous kittens are now playful, funny and loving. They told us they have become “fabulous family pets and well hooligans” as you can see in their photos of Walnut playing on the trampoline. We always enjoy hearing about our cats and kittens in happy homes.

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