Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Success Story - Violet and Dandelion

One of our jobs as a CCA is to do follow up checks on some of our adopted cats and kittens. We normally phone our adopters after three months to chat about how their new cat or kitten is settling in, to give any advice for any problems they may have had and to answer any questions. We do occasionally do follow up checks in person too, due to constraints on our time we can only do local visits. These visits are always nice because we get to see our ex-Axhayes cats and kittens in a happy loving home where they should be. This is a very rewarding part of the job.

Today I visited Violet and Dandelion armed with my camera. As mentioned in previous blog entries, these kittens starred in “The Life of an Axhayes kitten”. This youtube video has over 370 hits and took nine weeks to record. Violet and Dandelion were adopted back in July and their siblings Foxglove and Bluebell were finally rehomed last month.  

Dandelion now renamed Ernie was a little wary of this strangle cat-smelling lady in familiar blue uniform walking over to him. It was lovely to see him curled up on the sofa and he is grown up so much, he now looks like a fully grown cat. Violet was happily sat in their conservatory and said hello. Their owners absolutely adore them and both kittens love them too. Violet and Ernie settled into their home very quickly, both very playful, loved running around the house and up and down the stairs. They love playing in the garden, Violet is much more adventurous whereas Ernie is much more homely. Both kittens love being around their owners and don’t like to go too far. After about 10 minutes Violet and Ernie came over to me for a stroke and to sniff my hands and cat-smelling uniform.

It was great to see them again, now they are seven months old and have grown up so much. It was fantastic to see them in a happy loving home together and their owners are really happy with them and love them lots. A very happy ending for our famous youtube/facebook kittens. 

Interested in adopting an Axhayes cat or kitten and you live in the Exeter area? Please contact us on 01395 232377 or visit our facebook page or our official website at www.axhayes.cats.org.uk. Thank you.

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