Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ripley's story

Ripley's story : a ‘tail’ about the unseen side of our job.

We received a phone call about the ‘tolerant’ Mr Ripley from a lady who was out in the countryside in Mid Devon.  She said that she had found a bedraggled biscuit-coloured cat.  The lovely lady then literally went ‘the extra mile’ for an animal in distress, and took him too the vet.  After an examination, ‘Ripley’ as he was then named, was found to have two massive gashes in his throat, severe ear problems, and had bad teeth.  He was clearly aged, and later it was discovered that he had also contracted FIV.

Ripley when he came into us 17th September

His organs were good though, and the vets soon called us and we found Ripley to be a darling boy who actually enjoyed having his injuries nursed!  We nursed him for weeks with antibiotics, ear drop and pain relief, bathed his wounds frequently; and of course he got a lot of good food and love! He loves being stroked, and if you stop, he puts his paw gently on your hand and puts his head underneath!

3rd October CCA Christie bathing wound

After a dental, a major operation on his ear and having his two wounds stitched together into one, Ripley has made a remarkable recovery, especially considering he has FIV!

18th October - wound healed over

We are very happy to announce that on 03/12/12, Ripley found a loving forever home where he can enjoy life and play ping-pong (he always loved chasing a ball!) to his heart's content!

(If you are interested in adopting an FIV cat, please call us on 01395 232377.  Thank-you.)

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