Monday, 22 October 2012

Weighing our kittens

One of our many jobs caring for our cats and kittens here at the centre, is weighing them. Each week we weigh our kittens to monitor how they are doing. This is especially important during weaning when they start eating solid food for the first time. When we weigh our kittens, it’s a good time to give them a quick health check and get them used to being handled. We record all of their weights so we can monitor their progress.  

This afternoon Galileo and his siblings had to be weighed so we can adminster the correct dose of wormer. From six weeks old we worm our kittens monthly until they are six months old. These kittens were very hyperactive today, we had to be patient and wait for the scales to settle. We are pleased Galileo and his siblings have gained weight and are doing well. These kittens are not currently up for adoption yet.  

CP Weight watchers – we also weigh our overweight/obese cats which come into the centre. These cats are put on a low calorie diet by our vet and we make they get plenty of exercise. We take to our outside playpen (when it’s not raining of course) to help them lose weight. In their pens we give our cats a variety of toys to play with, boxes to play in and puzzle feeders, these activities can also help our cats stay in shape. Our CCAs and volunteers play games with our cats with the fishing rod toys, ping-pong balls or feather wands too.

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  1. One of our many jobs caring for our cats and kittens here at the centre, ...