Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Unicorn's kittens update

It's been a month since Unicorn and her eight kittens were rescued from under a dual carriageway bridge by CCA's Diane, Christie and deputy manager Phil. They are settling into cattery life well. All eight kittens Aspen, Betony, Digby, Haddeo, Lucky, Norman, Russell and Rydon are making good progress. They are growing up fast, looking healthier and eating well.

Our CCAs who work on our maternity section are working hard to social these nervous kittens. These kittens have lived outside and had very little human contact, so it's really important for us to socialise them to help them find homes. To help them, we have been handling them lots, playing with them, giving them carpet and listening to the radio. Their confidence with us is growing each and every day. Our two tabbys Rydon and his sister Haddeo are the most outgoing. They love to sit on a lap and purr lots.   

Today CCAs Gemma and Therese gave them a little playhouse a.k.a - a box with a door and windows cut out for them to play with. We've had lots of deliveries and boxes containing prizes for our Halloween event later this week. We were able to give our kittens lots of boxes to play with. They loved playing with the box, pouncing on each through the windows, hide and seek, peak-a-boo and relaxing on the top. Hours of entertainment...for free! 

These kittens not available for homing yet, we will keep you updated with their progress on our blog and facebook page.

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