Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Our little orphan Bamboo

Bamboo came to our centre when he was only 7 weeks old. This poor little chap was made an orphan after his mother was sadly involved in a road accident. A kind lady contacted us and he came to Axhayes in the hope to find a loving family to care for him forever....  

Bamboo is quite a character! He’s a typical lively youngster, loves attention, he loves playing! He’s very sociable, he loves being around our CCAs and managers. Bamboo is all by himself, so we make sure he has some time spent with him. He always greets you when you open his pen door. He runs over to you, climbs on to your shoulder and purrs very loudly in your ear. This is also a good opportunity to look around the corridor and maybe play with your hair too.    

He’s so energetic; we play games with him too, this helps him burn off some of his energy; normally he would play with his siblings. He likes to crab walk if any CCAs walk past him, our shoes are very scary! He was given a track toy with a ball inside which was kindly donated to us a few weeks ago. He has already managed to pull the track a part to get to the ball inside. Every day our CCA's who look after him, have to put the toy back together again for him so he can play with it again.  

Last Tuesday, as mentioned in our previous post, a photographer came in to the centre. Our little Bamboo was a little star, he enjoyed the fuss and sitting on our Deputy Manager Louise’s lap. He also had some photos on our reception desk, he loved his new catnip he was given. He spent some time in the office, he loved jumping into the bin and onto laps while unsuspecting members of staff where on the phone. He was given some more toys to play with; he happily batted a ball around the floor and pouncing on his toy carrot.

Today Bamboo enjoyed attention from our cat cuddler volunteers and our two work experience students. He is full of energy as usual, he loved playing with ping pong balls in his pen and of course dismantling his track toy outside. He was given a treat for lunchtime of some pate food which was kindly donated. He also enjoyed a trip to see our deputy manager and receptionist in the office, for a fuss, cuddle and to play a few games. This afternoon Bamboo has noticed that people come up to the desk now and again. He now likes to stand on the chair to have a better view of any visitors who come in. Of course everyone who sees him, coos over how sweet he is :-) He thinks it's a good way to sell yourself :-) He really enjoyed being around everyone, happily purring away. It was soon time to go "home", he was taken back to his pen, where he felt very sleepy, he enjoyed some tea and went to bed.       

Bamboo needs a home in away from busy roads and traffic so he can safely play and explore the world around him. Can you give this loveable cheeky chap the home he deserves? Please take a look at our official website at or Facebook page for more information about our homing policy and our centre. Thank you.

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