Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mrs Brown’s Boys (and girls) TV dinner

A couple of months ago we had a mum and her six kittens arrive at the centre and CCA’s Anna & Di decided to name them after one of their favourite TV shows. Naming kittens is just one of the many parts of the job that we enjoy but sometimes we struggle for inspiration or unique names or ones that haven’t already been used many times before.

The kittens were named Betty, Cathy, Dermot, Maria, Rory & Winnie. And of course mum cat was Mrs Agnes Brown.

Mrs Brown was an excellent mother and always attentive to her babies needs. Feeding and cleaning them and making sure they played nicely together. Though I’m sure you can imagine six is a lot to look after and this took its toll on her. She always had extra portions of food but didn’t put any weight on. Now the kittens are all weaned and looking after themselves. She has been neutered and has got back her former beauty. She has a very pretty longhaired tortoiseshell coat. She truly is a star!

When the kittens arrived at the centre they were very nervous of people and hissed and tried to bite.  By spending time gaining their confidence and giving them lots of attention and cuddles, they have grown into wonderful friendly little characters.

In their pen there was a small wooden bench where they loved to cuddle up together and it was just big enough for them all to squeeze on.

Last Friday, CCA’s Theresa and Anna decided that they needed a TV to look at while they were on the bench. So, they made one out of a cardboard box. You might remember our previous blog showing some of the other boxes, a mini bus, a pub, a post office and a police station! Well, this box was even better than those! 

As you can see it even has a TV guide and a remote.  What’s on TV?  Well… on ITV-Cat’s do the funniest things, on BBC 1-Catadale, on BBC 2-Catanation Street and on Channel 4-Robocat. Our staff have a great sense of humour and put such a lot of effort into caring for the cats. They will even go one step further to help prevent the cats getting bored while being in a pen. 

Mrs Brown’s boys and girls were then treated to a TV dinner

The great news for them is that they are now ready for adoption. They are so cute and cuddly that when one of our vet nurses met them recently she decided that she wanted to adopt two. Her only problem was deciding which ones!  Well, lucky for them she chose Rory and Maria. Maria was our Face book cover photo at the end of July.

Here she is on the TV!

The rest of the gang are Cathy & Dermot who are shorthaired and Betty and Winnie who are longhaired. We really hope some of you will come in to meet them and decide to adopt these lovely kittens soon.





But… don’t forget Mrs Brown. She’s going to need someone to appreciate and pamper her for the rest of her days. No more kittens for her to look after, so now she can relax and enjoy life… 

Interested in adopting Mrs Brown and her kittens? If you live in Exeter or in the surrounding area, please get in touch with us. Our official website is at and our contact number is 01395 232377, thank you for your support :-) 

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