Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Maz and Sid’s afternoon out!

Sid and Maz are the most affectionate and sociable kittens we have on our rehoming kitten corridor at the moment! Sid and Maz were very poorly when they came to us, after weeks of TLC they were nursed back to full health. They have been up for rehoming for a month now; they are still waiting for someone to choose them. Last week their siblings Harvey and Bianca moved in next door. Harvey was mentioned in our previous blog post, he needs a special home as he is partially sighted. Harvey and his sister Bianca are just as friendly and sweet as Maz and Sid.

This afternoon Sid and his sister Maz went out in to our outdoor playpen for the first time ever. We wanted to give them some much needed exercise. They are typical lively kittens who are full of beans! It’s also a good chance for them to experience what a garden is like and they can get some fresh air and sunshine too. When they were let out of their basket, Maz and Sid wasted no time and quickly ran around exploring their new surroundings.

 Maz started to run around in the grass and while Sid found a tunnel to explore. She soon thought it would be fun to chase Sid around the pen and hide in the tunnel or under the chair and pounce on Sid. Both kittens were chasing each other and playing hide and seek for ages. Sid may only have one eye, it does bother him, he still loves to play games and enjoys running about. After half an hour of playing, they had a quick break and stretched out on the grass in the sun. Maz soon decided she had enough of relaxing and decided on pounce on a sleepy Sid. They started running around the pen, chasing each other, hiding in the grass or tunnel and pouncing on each other.   

Maz and Sid loved their afternoon in our outdoor playpen. These kittens are truly wonderful, affectionate and very playful, they will make any house a home. They love each other so much, they would need to stay together. They would need a home in a safe place away from busy roads and traffic, so they can safely explore the world around them. 

If you would like to adopt Maz and Sid, please contact us on 01395 232377 or please visit our website at www.axhayes.cats.org.uk for more information about our homing policy. Please visit our Facebook page too :-)

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