Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kittens, kittens and more kittens at Axhayes!

The summer is the busiest time of the year at Exeter Axhayes adoption centre with lots of mums and kittens coming into the centre. Half of our rehoming section is full of pairs of kittens looking for homes. They are all looking for loving safe homes to go to as soon as possible, because no-one wants to spend their kittenhood in a pen! They really want to experience their first adventure in a nice garden, to play in the grass and look at all the wonderful things that summer brings.

Here are just some of the kittens we have looking for new homes….

Foxglove and Bluebell
4 month old male black and white kitten and female black kitten  

We are the first kittens to be born at Axhayes this year. We were born on Mother’s Day which was a special day for our proud mum. Our mother has done a great job bringing us up and now we can’t wait to go out and explore the big wide world. We are full of energy, we love to play and we are all very friendly. We are looking for a home in a safe area away from busy roads and traffic. We are good with cats, dogs and children. We would make a wonderful addition to your family, please adopt us today!
Please check out their video "The Life of an Axhayes kitten" on our youtube channel;

Millie and Baxter
4 month old female black kitten and male ginger kitten

These adorable kittens found themselves at the centre when their mother had no place to call home. They are a wonderful: very friendly, affectionate and playful kitten, who are now looking for a home where they will be loved forever. They need a home with a safe garden so they can play and explore the world around them. We are sure they will make a wonderful addition to your home, please adopt Millie and Baxter today!

Cumari and Mirasol
3 month old male ginger and white kitten

We were born here at Axhayes to a mother who is only a kitten herself. Our mother has done a fantastic job raising us, now we are looking for someone to take us home. We are both very friendly, affectionate and very energetic. We love cuddles and we love to play games. We are looking for a home where we will be loved forever and where we can enjoy our kittenhood to the full. We are looking for a home in a safe place away from busy roads and traffic. We are great with other cats and dogs; we can fit into a family home well. Please adopt us today, we will make your house a home.

Maz and Sid
4 month old female tortoiseshell & white kitten and male black and white kitten

Hi we’re Maz and Sid and we were brought to the centre because our owner had too many cats to cope with. If you’re looking for two happy-go-lucky kittens, we’re the ones for you. I'm the cute & cuddly one that's lucky to have a friend like Sid. He's special because he's only got one eye but that doesn't stop him being any less playful. We do need a home in a safe area as we are not used to traffic. If you watch Home & Away you will recognise our names and like the song goes…. You know we belong together, you and I forever & ever, closer each day, Home & Away.
Please check out their video "An afternoon with Sid and Maz" on our youtube channel;

4 month old male black kitten

Poor Jagger was found wandering the streets with no place to call home. Jagger is a wonderful little chap who loves attention, cuddles and to play games. He is very friendly and energetic. He’s good with dogs, cats and children; he will fit into a family perfectly. He is looking for a home away from busy roads as he is not used to traffic. Jagger will make your house a home, please pick him today!

William and Whiskers
3 month old male black and white kitten and 3 month old female black kitten

My sister and I were bought into the centre after we were born outside in the cold. So after we were bought in here its understandable we are now a little unsure of everything. Don't let this put you off as we can assure you we are two of the sweetest kittens once we gain your trust. We love nothing more than to play and explore so we need a nice safe garden away form traffic as we are not used to this. If you can offer us a little time and patience we need, we will reward you with a life time of love and entertainment.

All of our kittens are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms, they also come with four weeks of free Petplan insurance. We give our cats and kittens love and cuddles for free...however whilst in our care, veterinary treatment for any one cat could cost £200 or more. With this in mind, we ask for an adoption fee of £60 per cat/kitten, and we are confident that you will appreciate the great benefits and value that this fee represents to you, and how it can in turn help Cats Protection to help more cats and kittens in need.

If you are able to offer some of our kittens a home, give us a call on 01395 232377 or visit our official website and facebook page for more information! Thank you.

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